Spread the word and help fundraise

Finding a cure for Simon will take a village. We need your ideas, your expertise and your fresh energy. 

Maybe your office chooses a charitable cause every year to support or maybe your local pub hosts fun events to raise money for a cause – whatever it is, big or small, we’re always looking for opportunities to raise awareness and funds.

As we make plans for fundraising events and campaigns, we’ll be looking for silent auction donations, venues, promotion and more. Don’t be shy, please let us know if you’re able to help or to connect us with people and companies who would want to help. 

Our mission is not just about fundraising, we also want to raise awareness about MPS and what it’s like for Simon and other kids like him. Whether it’s an article in the paper or spreading the word at our local schools, we know that knowledge is power and that the more people understand, the more doors will open for Simon his live his best life. Have an idea or opportunity? Let us know (hello@curemps.ca).  

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